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Receiving Duplicate Emails?
If you are receiving duplicate emails… Someone has likely submitted your name twice.  Please reply with the word duplicate in the subject line and we’ll fix it! One other note on duplicates… be sure you don’t have two email addresses signed up.  You may need to just opt out of one.

Removal From Email List
If you’d like removed from the list, just hit reply with “remove” in the subject line. I do read the comments... but please put “remove” in the subject line so that my 
computer gives it special notice. 

A special note on remove requests… I try very hard to honor them! I have had a problem removing folks in the past when the email address they showed in the reply is different from the one we have in the emailing registry. I have had a problem where folks send back multiple remove requests but don’t send all of their email addresses and I keep posting the wrong email address in my electronic remove file.   As of today there are several thousand addresses… email “handles” don’t necessarily match names.  I generally try, but …  It is hopeless without a match!  One particular example of this showing up is when your church’s website forwards to all the elders (or all the members) then you have it on your private computer… but it has been forwarded to you by your congregation. Those forwards oftentimes are not exposed.  (This same situation comes up from work related websites.)

If you have tried to be removed multiple times please also send me the entire subject line in this request.  It has a code at the end of it that will help me to track down a mismatch. Also please alert me to that situation and I will attempt to handle it by hand.

 Once I have a remove it stays in permanently and even if someone tries to add you again it will remove you… but it is electronic and must match exactly. Computers don’t think they only follow orders.