Monday, April 13, 2009

Marriage, Divorce & Re-Marriage

Since I started this email list I have gotten numerous questions surrounding the Bible's teaching on Marriage, divorce and remarriage. I sent this particular article out some three years ago but because of the flurry of questions recently I have decided to send it again. I try to give a straight answer, even to difficult questions, so here is a fairly comprehensive study on this matter. 
Marriage, divorce and remarriage is obviously a volatile subject. It is not difficult to determine the Bible's core teaching surrounding this subject. Our greatest obstacle is just accepting what God has spoken. The leadership of church after church have been forced of late to decide whether they will stay with God’s teaching or follow the way of the world.  Sadly because of the drive to “fit in” most will follow the way of the world.

A fairly normal response after comprehending what the Bible says is to journey down an endless path of "what ifs." I think that you will find most of the "what ifs" that you are likely to encounter are directed to some passage in the study that follows. The approach you'll find below is what I would label as "self help." I have given you the passages and then asked the appropriate questions. For the most part the broad questions aren’t hard to answer.  Some specifics get sticky, but that doesn’t change the fact that most questions are easy to answer.