Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Read the Health Care Bill

 I (like many) have been watching with growing apprehension the health care takeover that is brewing in Washington.  I think the thing that scared me the most was when it came out that it was 1100 pages… and that the guys voting on it were rushing so fast they hadn’t even read it!

That’s like a preacher preaching without using the word of God.  Today a lot of people preach that way… but it isn’t very bright.

Like you, I have seen a mountain of internet scare stories floating around regarding this bill. Those things often bring reproach on thoughtful people. When we forward things we need to be sure they are valid. 

For that reason, among others, I rarely forward articles, but this is  an exception.  This article that comes with the text from the bill. He says he has read it…. All of it.  I certainly haven’t! This article is a Christian’s reaction to this bill, so please read and consider this article in the light of Washington’s turmoil.

Here is a link to the bill everyone is fussing over if you wish to read all 1100 pages of it! There is an opinion poll beside it…. Only 14% of the people that read this were in favor of it.  You can participate in the poll beside this bill if you wish.

When you are through reading this article… you can take a one question poll on Obama’s economics performance also if you wish. . (After you vote, you will see a second page that shows the running opinion totals)

Let me be clear, I have not fully read this bill… I tried to and could not make heads or tails out of the silly thing.  It keeps on referring to this section or that.  It will take a specialist to implement. 

This Christian has read it, and he provides the text from the bill he is commenting on. 

Then, I have provided you a link above to the entire bill so you can cross reference his quote, and comments to form your own informed opinion if you wish.

One other sidelight.  I have added/expanded and updated my online library.  If you wish a one stop online Bible library… I have provided you with one.  You will find a good collection of Bible dictionaries/encyclopedia. You’ll also find a good collection of commentaries, and historical works.  It is the study library that I use.  


Jerry Blount

I Read The Bill
by Tom Wacaster

I have listened with great interest and concern to the “pros” and “cons” of the impending health bill that has been drawn up by the House of Representatives.   Few, if any, of our representatives have actually read the bill in its entirety.   In contrast a growing number of concerned citizens have taken the time to download and examine this piece of legislation in detail.  I downloaded HR3200, and have spent a total of slightly more than ten hours reading the bill, page by page, and line by line.   I can confidently say that I have read the bill.  Having said that, there are some observations I want to make relative to a “political coup” that is presently underway in the very halls of our Congress.