Friday, January 29, 2010

How We Got the Bible

I am re-writing a course on evidences that I originally created over twenty-five years ago.  Knowledge of scripture has increased over the course of my life time.  Many of the cliché’s espoused by unbelievers in my youth have today been disproved but folks are still repeating them.  Hence, the effort below...

I thought I would share one chapter of said course.  Enjoy... 


When we come to the subject of the actual transmission of the text, we find a fast disconnect between what is perceived, and what is real!  Most folks on the street scoff at the idea that you actually could have the bible or the real words of Paul! 

Some will readily admit the Holy Spirit inspired these men on earth.  They then deny that we know what He said through them.  This concept is pretty flaky on it’s face, simply because. . . If God could miraculously inspire men, He could also protect and preserve His work. 

Let’s see if we can follow the chain of transmission and walk away comfortable that we know the words of Paul, Peter and more importantly. . .  Jesus!